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Game Drives

Due to the mild climate that Tawana receives, game drives can be taken all year round.  Tawana boasts some of Africa's most spectacular animals, such as cheetah and giraffe, and also Big 5 species, such as leopard and elephant.

The bird life is just as dazzling, from the largest bird in the world, the ostrich, and the imperious black eagle, to the smallest multi-coloured sunbird.  A tenacious plantlife that can take root in the most hostile conditions is perfectly exhibited in this harsh, yet breathtaking environment. And everything is at home and perfectly adapted, down to the tiniest insect, and the largest old fig tree.  Yet some events are best committed to memory, as the camera cannot do justice to the sound of a storm gathering over the savannah, or the smell of the wet grass when it has passed.


The medieval maps depicated Africa with the caption in Latin, "HC SVNT DRACONES", or 'Here be dragons'.  Although the Dark Continent boasts no such mythical creatures, the beasts of Africa are no less spectacular or mysterious.  If the red sands of Africa have not yet filled your boots, you have not lived.  Come visit this land, and we will help you explore its secrets.